3D rendering of the building
The Khams Shamat Visitors Gallery will form part of a masterplan at Sabboura, on the north-west growth corridor of Damascus in Syria. This landmark two storey building will be the first building to be completed in Phase 1, and as such it is required to benchmark the design, sustainability, and vision for the rest of the project, and to showcase the development. The Visitors Gallery incorporates a Development Office for the project bringing both private and public functions under one roof.

The environmental approach of the development is to minimise its impact, demonstrated via LEED certification (silver or gold). Strategies cover energy (and carbon) reductions, water management and minimisation, waste reduction, overall pollution control and monitoring, material procurement and enhanced indoor environmental quality. Key features include heat pumps (ground or air source), earth tubes for tempering fresh air, displacement ventilation coupled with building thermal mass, and provision for free cooling.