Views within the completed building
The project dealt with the re-configuration of existing buildings to create the new children centre for Byron Primary School. The new centre is integrated into the school, flexible and capable of independent operation and it has its own identity within the school. Attractive and durable, the new centre is also energy efficient and represents good value for money.

High performance designs have a positive effect on health and comfort, and design strategies such as improving daylight and acoustic, maintaining a good indoor air quality have been shown to enhance student learning. These factors reduce distractions and create environments where pupils and teachers can see clearly, hear accurately and not feel to warm or too cold.

Buildings which are energy and resource efficient save on utility bills. Furthermore, healthier environments can bring money into the school by lowering absenteeism and increasing funding based on average daily attendance. These financial, health and productivity benefits are the result of integrated design: understanding how building elements affect one another to optimise the performance of the entire school.