3D Rendering Of The Proposed Development
ZEF are responsible for sustainability, energy and building services considerations for this house in Devon in the South West of England.

We focused on the development of a dwelling which is more environmentally friendly, addressing key issues such as energy consumption and CO2 emission reduction, minimising water use, materials selection and improving internal environmental quality for persons within the dwelling.

The energy statement is centred on meeting the energy targets set out in the sustainability framework as well as complying with Part L1A of the building regulations. It shows how the energy reduction target of 25% is met using passive techniques as well as energy efficiency measures and renewable energy options.

Homes that are passively designed can take advantage of natural energy flows to maintain and even improve thermal comfort.

Incorporating the principles of passive design significantly improves comfort, reduces heating and cooling bills and, as a consequence, reduces greenhouse gas emissions from heating, cooling, mechanical ventilation and artificial lighting.