Minna Grima has joined ZEF as our new Secretary.

She previously worked in online research, trend analysis and news company aimed at the Fashion, Design and Style Industries.


ZEF worked with SAUD architects on this competition to design a Tall Emblem Structure located in Za’abeel Park in the centre of Dubai, which made the most of the climate.

ZEF proposed to design a zero energy building. It is designed with ‘ribbons’, which surround the structure and encourage wind to travel upwards at a much faster rate until it reaches wind turbines near the top. PVs and solar panels also cover the entire surface of these ‘ribbons’.

This combined with the wind energy will produce so much energy that it will cover the complete building. ZEF also used concrete piles to transfer heat 40 meters below ground level to keep the occupied area of the building cool.

05 February 2009
ZEF takes part in Za'abeel Park competiton
27 February 2009
Minna joins ZEF