Newly Completed Building
ZEF were the MEP, building services & environmental engineers on this project. Creative Exchange Cambridge will serve the promotion of creative industries in St Neots.

The facility provides a professional environment with communal space for specialist support and cross fertilisation between the occupiers. There is a mix of small and medium scale studio/incubator spaces, together with a large flexible, communal space for collaborative working.

The team aims to achieve a BREEAM ‘very good’ rating for the building and it is a highly sustainable project.

We worked on the following green initiatives:
> The avenue and landscaping proposals will increase the natural diversity of the parkland edge.
> The building will have a green roof, used as a sheltered private terrace for building occupants.
> The compact plan allows very good natural daylighting and access to natural ventilation.
> An earth tube pre-heats or pre-cools the fresh air all- year-round and night cooling during summer time avoids air conditioning.
> Solar Hot Water generation.